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AC Drive : True Genius Drive

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AC Drive : True Genius DriveTrue Genius TG-600 series AC Drives are high performance Vector controlled inverters, adopting modular design based on dual CPU control. Three types of control methodology are built into the drive software, which are selectable through parameters, based on the application requirement, viz., V/f control, Sensorless Vector control and the closed loop vector control. Closed loop Torque control is easily achieved through using the PG card option to detect the motor speed and adjust the output torque in time, according to the changing load demand. Special feature of Automatic adjustment of Carrier frequency, if enabled, ensures quiet operation by adjusting the carrier frequency automatically in accordance with the changing load and temperature.

Selection Chart


Drive Model TG 600 P75 1P5 2P2 3P7 5P5 7P5 011 015 018 022 030 037 045 055 075
Motor Output (kW) 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37 45 55 75
Rated Current at 415V (Amps) 2.5 3.7 5.0 9.0 13 17 25 32 37 45 60 75 90 110 NA
Rated Current at 690V (Amps) NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 28 35 45 52 63 86
Nett Weight (kg)




Dimension(H*W*D) in mm









Drive Model TG 600 075 090 110 132 132 160 185 200 200 220 250 280 315 350 400
Motor Output (kW) 75 90 110 132 132 160 185 200 200 220 250 280 315 350 400
Rated Current at 415V (Amps) 150 176 210 NA 250 300 340 NA 380 415 470 520 600 NA NA
Rated Current at 690V (Amps) NA 98 121 150 NA 175 198 218 NA 240 270 320 350 380 430
Nett Weight (kg) 75 150


Dimension(H*W*D) in mm 755*460*330 1180*490*390


Drive Model TG 600 350 400 500 560 630 710 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1500
Motor Output (kW) 350 400 500 560 630 710 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1500
Rated Current at 415V (Amps) 640 690 860 950 1100 1210 1360 1520 NA NA NA NA NA
Rated Current at 690V (Amps) NA NA 540 600 680 760 860 970 1070 1180 1290 1400 1610
Nett Weight (kg)



Dimension(H*W*D) in mm




Simple PLC Programming

Ensures 16 step speed control, without the usage of multi-step speed programming.

Pid Control

Precise control of the application in accordance with the changing load / output pattern.

Motor Auto Tuning

Ensures precise control and fast response to cater the output requirement.


Ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration for applications like lifts, elevators etc.

Multiple V/F Curve Setting

Enables to suit the drive for various applications both constant torque & variable torque, employing only V/f control.

AVR Function

Whenever this function is enabled, the drive output voltage does not change it accordance with the input voltage or DC Bus voltage and is maintained constant within the output capacity range.

Energy Saving

Whenever this function is enabled, the drive will adjust the output voltage in accordance with the load by detecting the output load current thereby saving Energy automatically (fan and pump loads).

Parameter Copy

This enables uploading / downloading of parameters to external LCD display unit thereby reducing the commissioning time taken for identical machines.

Serial Communication

Standard RS-485 communication with MOD Bus RTU protocol as option.

Technical Specification

Input Input Voltage Range 3 phase, 415V/690V AC ± 15%
Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz


Output Voltage Range 3 phase, 415V AC/690 AC (Same as input voltage)
Output Frequency Range O ~600 Hz


Programmable Digital Input Six Channel inputs. One is the high-speed pulse input (HDI1).
Another four channel inputs can be extended by optional I/O card
Programmable Analog Input AI1; O~10V, AI2; O~10V or O~20mA, optional I/O extension card can offer another two inputs; AI3;- 10V~10V, AI4; O~10V or O~20mA.
Programmable Open Circuit Collector Output One channel output, optional I/O extension card can offer another one
(Open circuit collector output or high-speed pulse output)
Relay Output Two channel outputs, optional I/O extension card can offer another one
Analog Output One channel outputs, optional I/O extension card can offer another one, O/4~20mA or O/2~10V selectable.


Control Mode Sensorless Vector control, Vector Control with PG, V/f Control.
Overload Capacity 150% rated current for 60 sec. 200% rated current for 2 sec, (Vector control)
Starting Torque Sensorless Vector Control: O Hz/180%
Speed-Adjust Ratio Sensorless Vector Control: 1:100, Vector Control with PG: 1:1000.
Speed Accuracy Sensorless Vector Control: ± O.5% of maximum speed,
Vector Control: ± O.02% of maximum speed.
Carrier Frequency 1.0KHz~16.0 KHz. It can be adjusted automatically according to the features of temperature and load.


Frequency-Setting Mode: Digital Setting, Analog Setting, Pulse Frequency Setting, Serial Communication Setting, Multi-Speed, Simple PLC Setting etc. The switch between the defining combination and the defining mode can be realized.

Torque-Control Function offers multimode torque setting.

PID Control Function offers precise process control.

Simple PLC & Multi-segments Speed Control Function offers 16 segments speed Control.

Traverse Control Function.

Length and Time Control Function.

Non-Stop Function while instantaneous power failure.

Speed trace Function (Catch-on fly) offers smooth start of the running motor.

Quick/JOG Function offers Multi-function shortcut key defined by user.

Automatic Voltage Adjust Function offers to maintain the output voltage constant automatically when mains voltage is fluctuating.

Up to 29 functions for failure protection offers protection against over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, input/output phase failure, drive/motor load, IGBT failure, etc.

Complex Function Realisation

Adopting the advanced modular design, TG600 series inverters are custom designed products that could lower the customer’s purchasing cost effectively. In the mean time, we offer an open platform to make the clients realize their customized function easily. All the below listed Extension Cards are OPTIONAL

Extension Card Function
Serial Communication Card Offers RS 232 and RS 485 dual physical communication interface.
1. RS 232 adopts standard D9 master seat.
2. 3-hole RS 485 interface.
3. In-line MOD Bus RTU standard communication protocol.
PG Card Receive high-speed pulse from encoder to realize high-accuracy close-loop vector control.
1. Both push-and pull input and open-circuit collector input.
2. Offer frequency division output, the frequency-division factor can be selected by dial switch.
3. Connect to the encoder by softwire. (Simulation)
Injection Moulding Card Achieve energy saving function for injection moulding machine by collecting and processing pressure and flow signal.
Tension Control Card Wind and Unwind control, compensation of moment of inertia, multiple tension setting mode, automatic winding diameter calculation and display, linear speed collect and display, prevent wire breakage, prevent overdrive, RS 485 port.
Water Supply Control Card Realize functions such as close-loop constant of water supply pressure, multi pumps variable frequency switch, time and multi-segment water supply, dormant protect, prevent water hammer, water level control and synthetic process of supply-discharge etc, RS 232 port.
I/O Extension Card Offer more input/output terminal to enhance the external function of inverter, RS 485 port.


True Genius AC Drive is suitable for various types of constant and variable torque loads in industries such as:-
| Textile | Sugar | Plastic | Pharmaceutical | EOT Cranes | Paper | Steel | Chemical | Tyre and Rubber | Mining | Cement | Food Processing | Machine Tool | Material Handling | Lifts